Major cities of ScotlandEdit


  • Population - 592,820 (2010), 2,500,000 (metro area)
  • Geography (location, features) - Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland. It is situated on the Southern Belt of Scotland. Glasgow is 83 km (52 miles) away from Edinburgh.
  • Central rivers - River Clyde, River Kelvin
  • Historic sites -
  • Tourist destinations -
  • Events -


  • Population - 486,120 (2010), 1,250,000 (urban area)
  • Geography (location, features) - the 2nd largest city of the country is situated in the Midlothian region in east of Scotland. It sits on the North Sea coast. It is 83 km (52 miles) away from Glasgow and 652 km (405 miles) from London.
  • Central river - River Forth
  • Historic sites - Edinburgh Castle
  • Tourist destinations -
  • Events - Marathon, Hogmanay, Fringe


  • Population - 217,120 (2010)
  • Geography (location, features) - a large city on the north-east coast of Scotland, about 205 km (127 miles) north of Edinburgh, 862 km (535 miles) north of London and 235 km (145 miles) northeast of Glasgow.
  • Central rivers - River Dee, River Don
  • Historic sites -
  • Tourist destinations -
  • Events -


  • Population - 152,000 (estimated)
  • Geography (location, features) - a city in the east of Scotland, on the north bank of and at the mouth of Scotland's longest river, the River Tay. 90 km (55 miles) north of Edinburgh, 132 km (81 miles) east of Glasgow and 105 km (65.5 miles) south of Aberdeen.
  • Central river - River Tay
  • Historic sites - Dundee Law [a volcanic plug rising to 300m, at the centre of the city, views across much of the east of the country, ancient Roman campsite and prehistoric fortress foundations visible); Wishart's Arch (mediaeval city gateway at east of old city famous for George Wishart, Protestant Reformer, preaching to lepers from there in the 17th century); City Church Steeple (15th century cathedral church steeple in city centre); 15th century townhouse (being prepared for public viewing); The Howff (ancient cemetary gifted to the city by Mary, Queen of Scots); The New Tay Bridge (the railway bridge to the west of the city, with the stumps of the one that fell down in a deadly gale, killing over a hudnred people, still very visible beside it!); Dudhope Castle (former home of Viscount 'Bonny' Dundee akak Bloodie Clav'r's); Claypotts castle; Broughty Castle.
  • Tourist destinations - Captain's Scott's ship, The Discovery; The Unicorn (oldest floating wooden warship); Verdant Works (historic jute mill); The Free Church, Perth Road (was the noted preacher Hugh Murray McCheyne's charge); McManus Galleries (with some famous artworks, currently being refurbished); Dundee Contemporary Arts (modern art gallery and eatery.)
  • Events - Dundee Guitar Festival